SolarGrid Tanzania is bringing off-grid solar appliances to the people of Tanzanian.

It is estimated that approximately 80% of Tanzania’s population have no access to grid-based electricity at all. However, only 5% of this vast market are currently addressed by alternative solutions like off-grid solar power. The government and private companies have been neglecting these people for too long. In order to fill this gap, SolarGrid Tanzania was founded. We are able to successfully serve the energy needs of the poorest sector of society. Until now we have brought solar energy systems to more than 5000 families and the scaling-up process has just begun.

Our off-grid solar products combine high-quality standards and affordable prices

The high expectations of our customers with regards to price and quality as well as the rough weather conditions in rural Tanzania demand a thorough selection of products. It took us several months of intense testing till we were able to select suppliers that met our envisaged standards.  Since then we continuously expanded our product range in order to fulfill the divers needs of our customers.

Currently, we are very happy to offer four different product configurations which stretch from high-quality lighting with four or six bulbs over a fully functional 24-inch flat TV to a business system that entails a 10 slot USB-hub and allows our customers to earn a living by charging mobile devices. With respect to the financial means of our customers we offer for all products a micro loan program. Payments are conducted through the state-of-the-art mobile payment mechanism “Pay-as-you-go”.



The usage of solar products in rural Tanzania has multiple positive effects on the people and the environment


A single kerosene lantern burning an average of four hours per day emits over 100kg CO2 per year. Thus, the usage of solar energy strongly contributes to climate protection.


The indoor use of kerosene imposes severe health risks on the poor such as lung problems, cancer and burn injuries. The World Health Organization estimates that a staggering 1.6 million people die every year from fatal fires caused by kerosene. Solar Energy completely prevents such incidents.


The dim kerosene light makes reading, studying and working at night extremely burdensome. Through the bright illumination solar products can therefore contribute to the educational and commercial success of the “off-grid families”.


The eight hands that are trying to pull the strings of SolarGrid together

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Daniel Uphaus
CEO and Founder
Daniel Uphaus studied in Tanzania for one year as an exchange student. After winning a business plan contest in 2010, he started implementing his vision to empower Africa with renewable energies. If he is not busy developing business strategies for SolarGrid he is a passionate magician, gardener and tea-drinker.
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Edwin Kiemba
Edwin Kiemba conceptualized and supervised numerous programs for international non-profit organisation like the Dutch aid agency SNV before coming to SolarGrid. He is a priceless interpreter between the different cultures, but even he is sometimes puzzled by the German taste in fashion and music.


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